Macedonian Halva In E/O Tins 500gr

Excellent source of protein. Polyunsaturated fats. Rich in vitamins. It is an excellent natural nutrition and is ideal for any moment of the day. Macedonian halva has been produced for over 80 years in a traditional way, without any chemicals, conservatives or additives, always with the same focus on quality and respect for consumers.

. You'll be surprised by its variety of flavors and packaging as it comes with vanilla, almonds, peanuts, chocolate and honey, with fructose, cocoa, hazelnuts-cocoa-raisins, coated with bitter or milk chocolate and in an organic agriculture version.

Schocks Halva, Sesam & Honig, 6er Pack 6 x 100 g

Vegetarisch. Ohen zusatz von Aromen. Lactosefrei. Glutenfrei.

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Macedonian Halva In E/O Tins 500gr
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