insgesamt 672g – aus USA – Sour Patch Kids saure Fruchtgummis 12 Packungen

Sour Patch 70462062014 - 2 ounce bag, Pack of 24. Sour patch kids candy original, 2 Ounce Bag, Pack of 24. Then they're sweet. Sour patch kids are a fun, soft, and chewy candy for children and adults. These sour patch Kids packs are extremely portable and ready for immediate action. They're perfect for your bag, or pocket, or everywhere, really, Contains fun-filled Sour Patch Kids ingredients.

Contains bulk twenty-four 24 2 ounce oz bags of Original Sour Patch Kids Candy. Sour patch kids - First they're sour.

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saure Fruchtgummis - 860g - XL bag - aus USA - Sour Patch Kids

070462000436 - Sour patch kids - xl bag - saure Fruchtgummis - 860g - aus USA.

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